April 9, 2011

I am reposting this
Because I found out that this
Beautiful MOM died
On October 30

Although I never asked her name
She was a neighbor of my Parents
and so therefore
My Mom called tonight with the sad news.

She left 2 very young children.

Please pray for her family.


CONFESSION orginally posted April 9, 2011

In "flight attendant" land... where I once existed
There is a 'flying' term called "jumpseat confession"

Basically what this means is that
When a flight attendant is sitting on thier jumpseat
(a jumpseat is where the flight attendants sit for take off/landing/turbulance)
You may find yourself sitting next to a flight attendant 
you will never see again
This is because there are thousands of flight attendants
Especially for large airlines 
Like United ('my' airline)

So because you may never see this person sitting next to you
Ever again
You have the freedom to
Get anything off your chest

So over the years I heard many stories
And shared some of my own
I have to admit that I did enjoy the freedom of
Being able to talk freely
And not judged

ut in lieu of a jumpset
A park bench
With another Mom 

Who was also watching her children play

I never met her before
And I
Do not know her name
We just starting talking
As we watched our children play

She asked if I was having any more children
And I told her about Swan.


She told me about breast cancer
And how she found it after a miscarriage
3 years ago
For that miscarriage she was grateful
Eventually had a healthy birth 
A daughter

She continued to talk and
so she said, 

That the cancer was back

This time in her bones
And liver
Stage 4

I watched her quietly watching her children
3 year old daughter
6 year old son

I noticed 
That her hair was gone 
And her skin translucent
She looked fragile
And very, very beautiful

We said goodbye
Shortly after our "confessions" 

Over the last few days
Ive thought about her 

Especially yesterday as I held the final autopsy report
for my baby Swan
In my hands
And wept
But not just for me
Or for Swan
But for her

Life is short
Don't waste it.


*images are of my crafting room. Ive been spring cleaning.